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When completing this application, answer all questions fully and truthfully. Use only the space provided for each question. Do not provide any information not specifically requested in this application. Do not reveal your gender, race, creed, union affiliation, age, color, national origin, or any other class of individuals protected by local, state, or federal laws, as this information will not be used to evaluate your qualifications for employment.

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Please list your employment history for the past three (3) years, beginning with the most recent. If desired resumes may be accepted in lieu of this section. Please email your resume to info@icon-structures.com.

Please Read Each of the Following

Icon Structures is committed to maintaining a drug-free and safe workplace. Therefore, we require that all employees undergo a post-offer Physical Capacity Profile examination and drug/alcohol screening. Signing this application says that you understand and consent to these procedures if contacted for employment.

By my signature below, I acknowledge that Icon Structures, Inc. has my permission to conduct a background check and/or contact past and present employers as part of their standard screening process.

By my electronic signature below, I certify that the information provided in this application for employment is true, correct, and complete. If employed, any misstatement or omission of fact on this application may result in my dismissal.

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Employment Disclosure and Authorization for Background Check

Section I: Disclosure
         (the "Company") may request background information about you from a consumer reporting agency in connection with your employment application and for employment purposes. The report ordered is defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) as a consumer report, and all inquiries are limited to information that affects job performance and the workplace. It is conducted in accordance with applicable federal and state laws including the FCRA. The screening will be conducted by an outside agency - National Screening Bureau LLC - Address 515 N Ridge Rd, Ste 202 Wichita, KS 67212 (Phone: 1-877-263-4405) (Fax: 316-223-1094). As a result, National Screening Bureau may obtain a consumer report on you as an applicant or during employment. 
         A consumer report is a compilation of information that might affect your employability. The scope of the report may include information concerning your driving record, civil and criminal records, credit, drug screening results, worker's compensation records, education, credentials, identity, past addresses, social security number, previous employment, and personal references.
         Should an employer rely on a consumer report for an adverse action, the FCRA mandates you be provided with a copy of the consumer report and a summary of your rights. An adverse action is defined as "a denial of employment or any other decision for employment purpose that adversely affects a current prospective employee."

Section II: Authorization and Release
         I have carefully read and understand this Disclosure, Authorization, and Consent for the procurement of consumer reports form and the summary of rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. By my signature below, I consent to the release of consumer reports and investigative consumer reports prepared by a consumer reporting agency, National Screening Bureau LLC, to the company and its designated representatives and agents. I authorize the company to share the contents of this consumer report or investigative consumer report with its partners and clients in an effort to place me into an employment/independent contractor relationship with those partners. I understand that if the company hires me, my consent will apply, and the company may obtain reports, throughout my employment. I also understand that information contained in my job application or otherwise disclosed by me before or during my employment, if any, may be used for the purpose of obtaining consumer reports and/or investigative consumer reports. By my signature below, I authorize law enforcement agencies, learning institutions (including public and private schools and universities), information service bureaus, credit bureaus, record/data repositories, courts (federal, state, and local), motor vehicle record agencies, my past and present employers, the military, and other individuals and sources to furnish any and all information on me that is requested by the consumer reporting agency. By my signature below, I certify the information I provided on this form is true and correct and will be valid for any reports that may be requested by or on my behalf of the company.


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                                               California, Minnesota, or Oklahoma applicants only: Please check yes if you would like to receive a free copy of any Consumer Report, Investigative Consumer Report or Credit Report from National Screening Bureau electronically. For a paper copy, contact National Screening Bureau at 1-877-263-4405 or support@natsb.com

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